As per google, this word “Merchandising is clearly indicating that it is a process to do promotion and display goods and sell them to the customers.

Do you really agree with the statement for merchandising?

If  Yes then, please take some time to think about your present profile.

I am not here to discourage anyone because I was also in the same situation when I was working as a merchandiser.

It is clearly a myth which was set in our mind. The older (spent time in work) will be considered a much more experienced person.

Above statement will decide your remuneration and designation but this isn’t applicable to all.

Believe me, this is just a myth which is in our mind. Nowadays everything is just done in a few clicks the only need is to upgrade your skills and ready for new technologies adoptions.

Do you really work as a merchandiser as per google definition?

No, not at all. 

It is very common to all of us that you’ve interviewed for your “Domain”  specifically but actually you’ll not work on your domain. 

It might be any reason but this is a real fact.

Due to such busy work in merchandising(Day to day work) you’ll forget to upgrade yourself in terms of the new skills development.

Once you’re on job most of the time would be passed away while doing follow ups but as usual it is the most irritating job for you all but this  has to be done at any cost.

I am not talking about me, it is applicable to all of us because we often believe that the company in which we are working will be  our best and last  company.


As soon you’ll understand fast it may not hurt you in the long run.

Have you ever realised that after a long hard work of the whole year. When time comes for the reward for the hard work which you did  for the company not up to mark as you are expected. Sometimes it will not give to everyone.

Moral of the statement is

 “Never Hesitate to ask for your reward if you had given your hard

labor to ship all the consignment on time

Nobody has revealed the truth that “Merchandising and Marketing” is two sides of a single coin.

 One side tells you the story of the whole work from “Query to final shipment”  and the other side will lead  you to “promote your product in a manner that it will become buzz” and set in the mind of people that this is something they are waiting for so long.

Every merchandiser has this ability and they can do it much more than this but due to security nature they’ll drop the idea to experiment it .

Since our childhood we’ve been taught that you’ll need to do a job but nobody ever met any person who told you to start something your own while doing your job and even most of the companies also not allow anyone to do this.

It doesn’t mean that I am against “JoB” it is the very easiest way to start earning but when you start something  your own that is really very tough because Starting will be very fascinating  but as soon the venture will move further ahead  it requires more attention & do all maximum by own.

But in Job !

You don’t need to  think whatever the task has been allotted to you,finish it & keep it calm till the new task or project will be not allotted to you.

In a job you’ll restrict yourself to earn more based on your capabilities  but whereas on your own you have many opportunities to earn more as per your capabilities.

Above statement is just to boost your confidence to take a step & start something for you.

Let’s talk about merchandising

Have you ever heard of Digital Merchandising? If not then start doing research this term 

Soon you will find some new answers for your self.

As you all are living in a very fast era where everything is very fast. On the next day a new technology invention is in progress to change human life and change the working culture of any Industry .

Lot’s of research is going on related to our Industry. Nobody  knows someday any new software will come (AI based) . This software will do 50 merchants’ work in just a few clicks .

If this happens, it will shatter your dream into PCs and on that day you will realise if you would have upgraded you with new skills it might harm you today.

Through this article I am going to explain you all the working planning of Initial tech-pack to final shipment be ready to learn.

This journey will be continued  for the next part ……