Why I am saying this! Time Vs Money?

What is Essential for you Time Or Money? Balancing is not easy for Everyone.

This is not a story of you my dear. It belong to me also. Earlier, I was also in the same position in which you are in.

It can’t change my life in a few days. Still, I am learning & implementing the learning in my life and day to day my life is becoming as I wanted to be.

The reason, I am comparing this time vs money is because time always has much value but in this material world people always prefer first money but money is just a medium to buy to things.

From Money, you buy everything but can’t buy time. Once time moves ahead than no one can able to get back that time.

Gear up, yourself and think what you can do better for yourself because if you haven’t stepped might be it become very late. After couple of year ahead you will also say this “Kash Maine Kuch Suru  Kiya hota”. 

Once the time moves on! Nobody can change the history if possible then only you can improve your present so, your future will become better for the upcoming generation and for you too.

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