How to Increase merchandiser salary-Guide steps by step

We all know that this Industry still needs to revamp in terms of Organized way because we have only a few export houses who are dealing with everything in a  legit way.

but most of them are just using these loopholes to manipulate the system to make maximum profit by using these loopholes because there are no options for the people where they can approach to get resolve these issues.

A hard and bitter truth is -Due to the above statement the Employee’s scalability is very less compared to the company assets addition in their Portfolio.

Each department of the export houses is very important to execute any orders from Initial Inquiry to Final Dispatch of shipment.

1-Why Merchandisers are not able to scale their careers.
In our education system. you’ll never be taught this as a
subject “Mindset” building.
2- Lack of confidence.
3-Not have their Goal defined.
4-Always be Trapped in Future Appreciation(APPRAISAL)
5-First Scale yourself then look for others.
6-Respected your Hard Labor Reward as well.
7-Track your whole year & Keep records to Evaluate for Scaling yourself to the
next level Merchandising Hierarchy.
8- Conclusion.

1-Why Merchandisers are not able to scale their careers.
In our education system. you’ll never be taught this as a subject ” Mindset ” building.

When someone enters into the world Job. you are all guided with a few important statements” work hard  but never told work smartly”

Give your 100% dedication but never look for rewards for yourself.

Generally, you always heard that our Industry season starts from August to Jan every year, After Jan most of the workplace started evaluating every department that how much work is still balanced with the Team and till how many months this work will be with them.

Based on that, they’ll start scrutinizing the manpower by showing them their shortages, rejection, quality issues & most importantly creating an atmosphere to fear a loss in every season.

So nobody will come up to them to ask them about their promotion(Hike in Pay).

If anybody would have taken this bold step to tell them, they’ll do their hike but this would be rare.

The reason why I’ve given the above narration is because of the below points.

Never leave your Hike for the sake any other person mistake

If you have worked hard whole year. Always ask them to increase your pay . That’s your right

2- Lack of confidence

Most of the time  “Fear of  Job loss “ will be the major reason that bound the person not to ask to get Hike.

It was happening because all the merchandisers were not tracked their performance and orders execution results. If you have all data with you, you can ask them based on the facts that you have documented with you.

Must do reverse costing after shipment. Through this way, you will be able to do an analysis of the profit and loss statement in your orders executed and you’ll find the error & their proper solution in your hand for this buyer.

Via doing these above steps. you will become more confident than others.

3-Not have their Goal defined

you must have your destination defined for yourself because if that is not defined then you must have short time goals like  2-years  goals.

Most of us never defined it due to this. You’ll never achieve the next level in your carrier.

Never Negotiate on your salary package but if you are dedicated & genuinely doing hard work.

4-Always be Trapped in Future Appreciation.

This is the most appropriate tool used for the employees who so ever are seeking & hoping growth in their current remuneration after your successful year of hard work & gave the best result for them.

Never agree with this trap. why would you compromise your prize for the sake of those ones who always do mistakes & say sorry?

because of those ones why would you suffer?

Identify yourself & reward yourself with these kinds of gifts.

5-First Scale yourself then look for others

Being a merchandiser! you should care first yourself as you are here for the job because you are getting paid for work done.

Help others but never compromise your benefits for someone who is your colleague or Indirectly put on your shoulders.

As our Industry is completely Un-organized because of the loopholes benefits most of them always show their companies at a loss just for their employees but their turnovers increase year on year to fetch the buyers with whom they’ll want to work.

6-Respected your Hard Labor Reward as well.

Since our childhood. you never realized that rewards will make you more efficient and do more hard work to achieve your next goal.

Everyone is here to make profits via others. In the same way, if you’ve to reward yourself, like a trip, go on a family vacation, visit some places with your dear ones.

This will ignite and build your confidence to achieve new heights in your carrier and rewarding yourself will enrich your mental statement to work harder and grow more quickly.

7-Track your whole year & Keep records to Evaluate for Scaling yourself to the next level Merchandising Hierarchy.

All the merchandisers are working very hard day & night. They don’t even care about the timing, their first priority always is to complete work and get the operations streamlined so, nothing will disturb their work & it continues to move on to the next successful point.

you all need to monitor yourself & your orders to do a quick evaluation of the performance which will be getting monitored once the year is completed.

A simple hack to this –Do keep track of the orders which you handled like. Initial costing/ Mid costing/ Final Costing / Reverse costing /Profits margins/track of your component costing.

This will help you to figure out your profit & errors areas where you need to work. Through this way, You have the exact number in your hand to evaluate yourself to specify your growth in terms of HIKE in your pay scale.

Never sacrifice your promotion for the sake of others’ mistakes. Keep yourself updated with records as per the orders handled and Make Theories on the orders which you shipped & Learn from mistakes.

I know this will be very awkward to make a theory based on the orders that have shipped but this will help you to start documenting your journey & this will become an interesting document which you can showcase while in the Interview.

Who knows this will take the shape of a Book which will be selling like hot selling cake.

Nobody knows what will be tomorrow but if you start doing this after some time you will see the results automatically in your life.


In this article, I’ve tried to explain to you why most of the merchandisers were not able to achieve the levels of Merchandising Hierarchy.

Clearly explain the steps through which you will be able to overcome the traps & hurdles.

Rewarding yourself is the biggest gift that you can gift yourself for achieving new carrier heights.

Mindset and confidence will be the two parts of a single coin.

Start Saying No if someone is not giving you value exchange.

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11 Steps to scale your Apparel Export business

Since, I joined this industry I have the understood that people who are involved in this industry a good marketing practitioner’s less adaptive for new strategies for marketing. They budgets for everything but this ‘ll always comes in last.

Still old practices are in trend for them who did not upgrade them.

Let us understand how this industry works. We have buying offices, trading houses, and direct buyers  along with  independent agents, Which  are providing services to get the work done on  behalf of the buyer.

Still  export houses are still focusing on the same marketing strategies which was done a few years back but now the time has changed. If you want to remain ahead of your competitors. you must adopt  the new marketing strategies which are very important for any industry growth if you don’t believe that just take a look back at how things have changed.

In the recent scenario the internet has a good reach in our day to day lives but even though we are not utilizing internet facilities in a proper manner..You must adopt these very scalable strategies to improve our businesses.

Via Internet you can keep a track and will develop the advanced communication set up to get new buyers for your businesses.

Still you all  using their internet only for the sake of communication but you can use it in a very advanced manner to  track your customer. you can do a lot more things from that internet.

11 steps list of your Assets which will help you to win!

1-Create a website for Which Represents your Apparel Export Business
2-Optimize your website to get maximum Engagement
3-Enable  the pixel  and Google Tag
4-Create a blog section
5-Publish quality articles related to what you do?
6-Publish new updates on your website
7-Create your Branding
8-Start Running ads the Target countries
9-Create custom Audience
10-Create your custom conversion  
11-Offer best collections via Targeting prospective buyer

Let’s dive in for more details as per the above points.

1-Get ready your  website which represents your business. Along with that create multiple pages which represent. your branding and showcase your products .Your website will be your first face to represent your business & your authenticity.  you are the best in this category.

Update your compliance certificate information and ongoing audits results. Through this crystal information will boost your company Image very well.You’ll be able to get a new buyer every year.

2- Optimize your website to get maximum Engagement so each page has  specific action require to perform because the prospects who lands on your website will have landed Intentionally to view your website or to get the Information, what your do or might be they are in search of the vendor like you to expand their business portfolio.

3-Enable  the pixel  and Google Tag .Get these codes enable in your website so you  would able to connect with the audience who will land on your website. As Facebook and Google have reached maximum reach in our day to day life because their presence is everywhere. 

4- Create a blog section. Most of the time a good website represents the business but is not able to get indexed in major search engines like Google and due to that it requires regular content posting and your creativity of work that shows that you are constantly upgrading and developing new styles. By doing this you’ll make the buyer aware that you know what is trend and you are ready with it.

5- Publish quality articles related to what you do?-The  time has gone when we need a constant website to represent our business but in today’s world.

We required a dynamic website in which there must be a section called blog here you can post the your activities like whatever you are developing,what is your next piece of cake, what is the new fabric in trend you are working on,what are your new styling, what are your design inspirations, what are your mood board inspirations. If you start putting these articles on your website and blog.

You’ll  get organic reach to prospect clients.

6- Publish new updates on your website- here you can talk about something which is going to be released soon any thing so, the prospect will regularly visit your website for updates.

7- Create your Branding – strategize your branding so the prospect would  remember your name because of your quality work, create  the same branding name Facebook page along with that Instagram account and regularly posed valuable pictures of the styles and you will see amazing results. Through this you are able to connect with more different brands and you can approach to work with them.

8- Start Running ads in Target countries.  Now you are ready with all the tools to start running ads on Facebook to feed pixels or to understand exactly what the audience you are looking for once it has enough data then  it will start matching the specific audience which you are looking for and it starts working as per your desired results.

9- Create a Custom Audience-Once your pixel has enough data you can create a custom audience. It means that now you are gonna target only those people who are actually your potential customers. I mean your buyers, so you have to ensure that all the pages of your website are well optimized with call to action.. It could be anything.

10- Create your custom conversion -you can create a specific conversion optimization of your pages so anybody who is landing on your website page if they would do action . Once you have your clients details you can reach them very easily in an effective manner.

11- Offer best collections via Targeting prospective buyers- Buying & selling is an ongoing process and their planning will be done before the year comes. I mean a year ahead.

Suppose somebody is planning and you are visible on their feed .The first preference will be yours because you have reached yourself to them for work.


Hence, we have explained how you can scale your export business. If you can perform these above strategies for a longer run. Your result will completely come in your favor and you will never run out of orders. 

Through this constant approach you will always be ahead of your competitors. This will lead you as a leader in this category . 

I have seen only a few renowned companies who have implemented these strategies because of that they are always ahead of their competitors . Due to this their strength and capacity also got increase.

They can contact me here.

What is merchandising

As per google, this word “Merchandising is clearly indicating that it is a process to do promotion and display goods and sell them to the customers.

Do you really agree with the statement for merchandising?

If  Yes then, please take some time to think about your present profile.

I am not here to discourage anyone because I was also in the same situation when I was working as a merchandiser.

It is clearly a myth which was set in our mind. The older (spent time in work) will be considered a much more experienced person.

Above statement will decide your remuneration and designation but this isn’t applicable to all.

Believe me, this is just a myth which is in our mind. Nowadays everything is just done in a few clicks the only need is to upgrade your skills and ready for new technologies adoptions.

Do you really work as a merchandiser as per google definition?

No, not at all. 

It is very common to all of us that you’ve interviewed for your “Domain”  specifically but actually you’ll not work on your domain. 

It might be any reason but this is a real fact.

Due to such busy work in merchandising(Day to day work) you’ll forget to upgrade yourself in terms of the new skills development.

Once you’re on job most of the time would be passed away while doing follow ups but as usual it is the most irritating job for you all but this  has to be done at any cost.

I am not talking about me, it is applicable to all of us because we often believe that the company in which we are working will be  our best and last  company.


As soon you’ll understand fast it may not hurt you in the long run.

Have you ever realised that after a long hard work of the whole year. When time comes for the reward for the hard work which you did  for the company not up to mark as you are expected. Sometimes it will not give to everyone.

Moral of the statement is

 “Never Hesitate to ask for your reward if you had given your hard

labor to ship all the consignment on time

Nobody has revealed the truth that “Merchandising and Marketing” is two sides of a single coin.

 One side tells you the story of the whole work from “Query to final shipment”  and the other side will lead  you to “promote your product in a manner that it will become buzz” and set in the mind of people that this is something they are waiting for so long.

Every merchandiser has this ability and they can do it much more than this but due to security nature they’ll drop the idea to experiment it .

Since our childhood we’ve been taught that you’ll need to do a job but nobody ever met any person who told you to start something your own while doing your job and even most of the companies also not allow anyone to do this.

It doesn’t mean that I am against “JoB” it is the very easiest way to start earning but when you start something  your own that is really very tough because Starting will be very fascinating  but as soon the venture will move further ahead  it requires more attention & do all maximum by own.

But in Job !

You don’t need to  think whatever the task has been allotted to you,finish it & keep it calm till the new task or project will be not allotted to you.

In a job you’ll restrict yourself to earn more based on your capabilities  but whereas on your own you have many opportunities to earn more as per your capabilities.

Above statement is just to boost your confidence to take a step & start something for you.

Let’s talk about merchandising

Have you ever heard of Digital Merchandising? If not then start doing research this term 

Soon you will find some new answers for your self.

As you all are living in a very fast era where everything is very fast. On the next day a new technology invention is in progress to change human life and change the working culture of any Industry .

Lot’s of research is going on related to our Industry. Nobody  knows someday any new software will come (AI based) . This software will do 50 merchants’ work in just a few clicks .

If this happens, it will shatter your dream into PCs and on that day you will realise if you would have upgraded you with new skills it might harm you today.

Through this article I am going to explain you all the working planning of Initial tech-pack to final shipment be ready to learn.

This journey will be continued  for the next part ……

Is Blogging Easy -Step by step guide zero to hero

Is blogging really easy?

If you think that blogging is easy than you might have misunderstood this wonderful platform.

you will share your experiences of expertise of your domain here and no one is going to stop it, else people will start loving you when start sharing your valuable information to the audience who, actually need this information. 

You all have domain expertise but you don’t know how to present or where to present, through which medium you can share your thought without hesitation, so really the needy person would able to find you.

“If you are passionate about writing and sharing information then this is the platform for you”

How to start Blog

To start a blog. You all need to have a “Domain name” and “Web Hosting “.It seems that it is going to more technical (you are thinking like this), yeah but it is just like the new route for your office. Once start moving from this daily then it becomes very easy for you & me too.

Let’s me explain to you about what is a domain& Hosting?

  • It is like your name which will be displayed on the Internet which represents you as it is advisable to go for .com extension instead of country-specific extension).
  • Hosting is the place where upload your all the files like your shared thoughts like articles, share pictures-images.
  • only you will be the only person who can access this like your personal property. you will have own this.

Here below I am listing some of the Domain Providers from them you can buy domain & web hosting both from one platform.

You can search for the best domain name examples from here. Below is the Top Domain Registration Providers. You can decide from below.

 😎 S.noDomain Providers SuggestionBuying Links 
1Namecheap.comGood to get Domain  1 SSL FOCGet From Here
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In-depth Review for Domain Registration 🙂

Here above I have mentioned best-selected domain & service providers. Through these links, you can directly go & register yourself on the Internet.

 😎 11 Important point while you buy a domain and hosting.

  1. No one, know when this platform becomes your primary income source so, you always need to choose the global domain extension(.com).
  2. While buying a domain & hosting. Please keep in mind the Renewal of both after completing the first year because some companies will give first-year heavy discounts & later on the charges will surprise you if you did not take this in Note.
  3. Always check whether they will provide you free SSL for your all website.
  4. When you buy hosting from anyone. Always keep notice they will provide free SSL to all your website & never buying single website hosting. Always go for multiple websites hosting services. In future, if you want to start more websites or any affiliate websites at that time you can do so easily.
  5. Once you started blogging, after some time you will start enjoying this blogging journey.
  6. Make it easy to type & remember your domain name.
  7. Quick customer response service is mandatory because due to this many most of the peoples are suffered a lot.
  8. Always go for Shared Hosting because at early stages your web will not get visitors too much.
  9. Always read the reviews of the hosting because it will give you a present image as per customer reviews.
  10. Keep check with hosting provider if you want to shift your website from one provider to another. Will they do for you or how many transfers they will provide you at FOC( free of cost).
  11. Always choose only those hosting service provider who will provide free SSL to your all hosted websites on their servers.

“from the above points, you’ll able to decide the best for you. Now, It’s your time to take action

 If you have reached till here .It means you want to start. Go head and take action best one deals  are already highlighted above.

Unlock your Gifts & Guddies  by sending  me the Receipt at and please mentioned in Subject” Bought”.

What all you will get from  here?

  1. Landing page builder access 100$
  2. Bundle of Premium theme cost 150$

Don’t be late go and get it. I am here to help to set up your Blog ASAP.




In this video, I’ve explained my self and briefly defined what I am doing right now.

The process has explained in this video will impact you if you will give it a try Follow these activities and if it can work change myself through this process than anyone can do!

Mark my word it is just the beginning of the journey a lot more have to achieve. Just try once and practice regularly. You will feel the changes in yourself.

Don’t stop yourself to take action, just for the sake of what others will say! People were saying earlier! People are still saying! People will keep saying!

Now it is up to you how you react to their reaction. “take it on your heart and left or Ignore then & move ahead to achieve your dream.

It is totally a game of Self Confidence. Leave your comfort zone and love the practice session more than anything.


Time Vs Money

 Why I am saying this! Time Vs Money?

What is Essential for you Time Or Money? Balancing is not easy for Everyone.

This is not a story of you my dear. It belong to me also. Earlier, I was also in the same position in which you are in.

It can’t change my life in a few days. Still, I am learning & implementing the learning in my life and day to day my life is becoming as I wanted to be.

The reason, I am comparing this time vs money is because time always has much value but in this material world people always prefer first money but money is just a medium to buy to things.

From Money, you buy everything but can’t buy time. Once time moves ahead than no one can able to get back that time.

Gear up, yourself and think what you can do better for yourself because if you haven’t stepped might be it become very late. After couple of year ahead you will also say this “Kash Maine Kuch Suru  Kiya hota”. 

Once the time moves on! Nobody can change the history if possible then only you can improve your present so, your future will become better for the upcoming generation and for you too.

If, this article has been able to touch your heart & Mind. Please share this might be somebody is waiting for this article.