Is blogging really easy?

If you think that blogging is easy than you might have misunderstood this wonderful platform.

you will share your experiences of expertise of your domain here and no one is going to stop it, else people will start loving you when start sharing your valuable information to the audience who, actually need this information. 

You all have domain expertise but you don’t know how to present or where to present, through which medium you can share your thought without hesitation, so really the needy person would able to find you.

“If you are passionate about writing and sharing information then this is the platform for you”

How to start Blog

To start a blog. You all need to have a “Domain name” and “Web Hosting “.It seems that it is going to more technical (you are thinking like this), yeah but it is just like the new route for your office. Once start moving from this daily then it becomes very easy for you & me too.

Let’s me explain to you about what is a domain& Hosting?

  • It is like your name which will be displayed on the Internet which represents you as it is advisable to go for .com extension instead of country-specific extension).
  • Hosting is the place where upload your all the files like your shared thoughts like articles, share pictures-images.
  • only you will be the only person who can access this like your personal property. you will have own this.

Here below I am listing some of the Domain Providers from them you can buy domain & web hosting both from one platform.

You can search for the best domain name examples from here. Below is the Top Domain Registration Providers. You can decide from below.

 😎 S.noDomain Providers SuggestionBuying Links 
1Namecheap.comGood to get Domain  1 SSL FOCGet From Here
2GoDaddy.comGood to get Domain+H NEDD TO BUY SSLGet From Here Only Domain 1SSL FOCGet From Here
4Hostinger.inGood to get Domain+H *NEED TO BUY SSL*Get From Here
5BluehostGood to get Domain+H FREE TO ALL HOSTED WEBSITEGet From Here       Good to get Domain FREE SSL TO ALL                             HOSTED WEBSITEGet From Here     Good to get Domain+H FREE SSL TO ALLGet From Here  Recommended FREE SSL TO ALL HOSTED WEBSITEGet From Here     Good to get Domain+H FREE TO ALL HOSTED WEBSITEGet From Here

In-depth Review for Domain Registration 🙂

Here above I have mentioned best-selected domain & service providers. Through these links, you can directly go & register yourself on the Internet.

 😎 11 Important point while you buy a domain and hosting.

  1. No one, know when this platform becomes your primary income source so, you always need to choose the global domain extension(.com).
  2. While buying a domain & hosting. Please keep in mind the Renewal of both after completing the first year because some companies will give first-year heavy discounts & later on the charges will surprise you if you did not take this in Note.
  3. Always check whether they will provide you free SSL for your all website.
  4. When you buy hosting from anyone. Always keep notice they will provide free SSL to all your website & never buying single website hosting. Always go for multiple websites hosting services. In future, if you want to start more websites or any affiliate websites at that time you can do so easily.
  5. Once you started blogging, after some time you will start enjoying this blogging journey.
  6. Make it easy to type & remember your domain name.
  7. Quick customer response service is mandatory because due to this many most of the peoples are suffered a lot.
  8. Always go for Shared Hosting because at early stages your web will not get visitors too much.
  9. Always read the reviews of the hosting because it will give you a present image as per customer reviews.
  10. Keep check with hosting provider if you want to shift your website from one provider to another. Will they do for you or how many transfers they will provide you at FOC( free of cost).
  11. Always choose only those hosting service provider who will provide free SSL to your all hosted websites on their servers.

“from the above points, you’ll able to decide the best for you. Now, It’s your time to take action

 If you have reached till here .It means you want to start. Go head and take action best one deals  are already highlighted above.

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