We all know that this Industry still needs to revamp in terms of Organized way because we have only a few export houses who are dealing with everything in a  legit way.

but most of them are just using these loopholes to manipulate the system to make maximum profit by using these loopholes because there are no options for the people where they can approach to get resolve these issues.

A hard and bitter truth is -Due to the above statement the Employee’s scalability is very less compared to the company assets addition in their Portfolio.

Each department of the export houses is very important to execute any orders from Initial Inquiry to Final Dispatch of shipment.

1-Why Merchandisers are not able to scale their careers.
In our education system. you’ll never be taught this as a
subject “Mindset” building.
2- Lack of confidence.
3-Not have their Goal defined.
4-Always be Trapped in Future Appreciation(APPRAISAL)
5-First Scale yourself then look for others.
6-Respected your Hard Labor Reward as well.
7-Track your whole year & Keep records to Evaluate for Scaling yourself to the
next level Merchandising Hierarchy.
8- Conclusion.

1-Why Merchandisers are not able to scale their careers.
In our education system. you’ll never be taught this as a subject ” Mindset ” building.

When someone enters into the world Job. you are all guided with a few important statements” work hard  but never told work smartly”

Give your 100% dedication but never look for rewards for yourself.

Generally, you always heard that our Industry season starts from August to Jan every year, After Jan most of the workplace started evaluating every department that how much work is still balanced with the Team and till how many months this work will be with them.

Based on that, they’ll start scrutinizing the manpower by showing them their shortages, rejection, quality issues & most importantly creating an atmosphere to fear a loss in every season.

So nobody will come up to them to ask them about their promotion(Hike in Pay).

If anybody would have taken this bold step to tell them, they’ll do their hike but this would be rare.

The reason why I’ve given the above narration is because of the below points.

Never leave your Hike for the sake any other person mistake

If you have worked hard whole year. Always ask them to increase your pay . That’s your right

2- Lack of confidence

Most of the time  “Fear of  Job loss “ will be the major reason that bound the person not to ask to get Hike.

It was happening because all the merchandisers were not tracked their performance and orders execution results. If you have all data with you, you can ask them based on the facts that you have documented with you.

Must do reverse costing after shipment. Through this way, you will be able to do an analysis of the profit and loss statement in your orders executed and you’ll find the error & their proper solution in your hand for this buyer.

Via doing these above steps. you will become more confident than others.

3-Not have their Goal defined

you must have your destination defined for yourself because if that is not defined then you must have short time goals like  2-years  goals.

Most of us never defined it due to this. You’ll never achieve the next level in your carrier.

Never Negotiate on your salary package but if you are dedicated & genuinely doing hard work.

4-Always be Trapped in Future Appreciation.

This is the most appropriate tool used for the employees who so ever are seeking & hoping growth in their current remuneration after your successful year of hard work & gave the best result for them.

Never agree with this trap. why would you compromise your prize for the sake of those ones who always do mistakes & say sorry?

because of those ones why would you suffer?

Identify yourself & reward yourself with these kinds of gifts.

5-First Scale yourself then look for others

Being a merchandiser! you should care first yourself as you are here for the job because you are getting paid for work done.

Help others but never compromise your benefits for someone who is your colleague or Indirectly put on your shoulders.

As our Industry is completely Un-organized because of the loopholes benefits most of them always show their companies at a loss just for their employees but their turnovers increase year on year to fetch the buyers with whom they’ll want to work.

6-Respected your Hard Labor Reward as well.

Since our childhood. you never realized that rewards will make you more efficient and do more hard work to achieve your next goal.

Everyone is here to make profits via others. In the same way, if you’ve to reward yourself, like a trip, go on a family vacation, visit some places with your dear ones.

This will ignite and build your confidence to achieve new heights in your carrier and rewarding yourself will enrich your mental statement to work harder and grow more quickly.

7-Track your whole year & Keep records to Evaluate for Scaling yourself to the next level Merchandising Hierarchy.

All the merchandisers are working very hard day & night. They don’t even care about the timing, their first priority always is to complete work and get the operations streamlined so, nothing will disturb their work & it continues to move on to the next successful point.

you all need to monitor yourself & your orders to do a quick evaluation of the performance which will be getting monitored once the year is completed.

A simple hack to this –Do keep track of the orders which you handled like. Initial costing/ Mid costing/ Final Costing / Reverse costing /Profits margins/track of your component costing.

This will help you to figure out your profit & errors areas where you need to work. Through this way, You have the exact number in your hand to evaluate yourself to specify your growth in terms of HIKE in your pay scale.

Never sacrifice your promotion for the sake of others’ mistakes. Keep yourself updated with records as per the orders handled and Make Theories on the orders which you shipped & Learn from mistakes.

I know this will be very awkward to make a theory based on the orders that have shipped but this will help you to start documenting your journey & this will become an interesting document which you can showcase while in the Interview.

Who knows this will take the shape of a Book which will be selling like hot selling cake.

Nobody knows what will be tomorrow but if you start doing this after some time you will see the results automatically in your life.


In this article, I’ve tried to explain to you why most of the merchandisers were not able to achieve the levels of Merchandising Hierarchy.

Clearly explain the steps through which you will be able to overcome the traps & hurdles.

Rewarding yourself is the biggest gift that you can gift yourself for achieving new carrier heights.

Mindset and confidence will be the two parts of a single coin.

Start Saying No if someone is not giving you value exchange.

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