About Us


A fashion professional turned himself in as a blogger coach with a vision to start something which will really help the people who were struggling in this industry. I have seen people enter into this industry with a  lot of expectation but ended up with Disappointment.

The bitter truth of this Industry, anyone can do manipulation as per their flexibility.Due to this Industry always come under “UnOrganized” Sector” but reality is completely different .


I am N.P Singh. Entered into this Industry in broad vision and achieved many achievements during my 1.5 decades. I’ve completed my PGDM  in Apparel Marketing & Merchandising.

Along with this while working, guided many newcomers to “How to excel your career in this Field”. 

Working in this field is like a big challenge. Every day you face a new challenge to deal with them and win it.


I have served this Industry  on Important Decision making  post . I used to have communications with the external and Internal  department and solve their Issues. After working in previous years I would have realized that in this Industry a person needs to have good Patience and attitude to solve the problems which always come while you are on platform for Execution.

What all Information will you get from this blog?

Why did I start this Blog?

With a vision to help  our colleges and newcomers who are entering  into this Industry guide them so, they will feel comfortable while they have any Interview or will understand exactly the blueprint steps to act accordingly.