Since, I joined this industry I have the understood that people who are involved in this industry a good marketing practitioner’s less adaptive for new strategies for marketing. They budgets for everything but this ‘ll always comes in last.

Still old practices are in trend for them who did not upgrade them.

Let us understand how this industry works. We have buying offices, trading houses, and direct buyers  along with  independent agents, Which  are providing services to get the work done on  behalf of the buyer.

Still  export houses are still focusing on the same marketing strategies which was done a few years back but now the time has changed. If you want to remain ahead of your competitors. you must adopt  the new marketing strategies which are very important for any industry growth if you don’t believe that just take a look back at how things have changed.

In the recent scenario the internet has a good reach in our day to day lives but even though we are not utilizing internet facilities in a proper manner..You must adopt these very scalable strategies to improve our businesses.

Via Internet you can keep a track and will develop the advanced communication set up to get new buyers for your businesses.

Still you all  using their internet only for the sake of communication but you can use it in a very advanced manner to  track your customer. you can do a lot more things from that internet.

11 steps list of your Assets which will help you to win!

1-Create a website for Which Represents your Apparel Export Business
2-Optimize your website to get maximum Engagement
3-Enable  the pixel  and Google Tag
4-Create a blog section
5-Publish quality articles related to what you do?
6-Publish new updates on your website
7-Create your Branding
8-Start Running ads the Target countries
9-Create custom Audience
10-Create your custom conversion  
11-Offer best collections via Targeting prospective buyer

Let’s dive in for more details as per the above points.

1-Get ready your  website which represents your business. Along with that create multiple pages which represent. your branding and showcase your products .Your website will be your first face to represent your business & your authenticity.  you are the best in this category.

Update your compliance certificate information and ongoing audits results. Through this crystal information will boost your company Image very well.You’ll be able to get a new buyer every year.

2- Optimize your website to get maximum Engagement so each page has  specific action require to perform because the prospects who lands on your website will have landed Intentionally to view your website or to get the Information, what your do or might be they are in search of the vendor like you to expand their business portfolio.

3-Enable  the pixel  and Google Tag .Get these codes enable in your website so you  would able to connect with the audience who will land on your website. As Facebook and Google have reached maximum reach in our day to day life because their presence is everywhere. 

4- Create a blog section. Most of the time a good website represents the business but is not able to get indexed in major search engines like Google and due to that it requires regular content posting and your creativity of work that shows that you are constantly upgrading and developing new styles. By doing this you’ll make the buyer aware that you know what is trend and you are ready with it.

5- Publish quality articles related to what you do?-The  time has gone when we need a constant website to represent our business but in today’s world.

We required a dynamic website in which there must be a section called blog here you can post the your activities like whatever you are developing,what is your next piece of cake, what is the new fabric in trend you are working on,what are your new styling, what are your design inspirations, what are your mood board inspirations. If you start putting these articles on your website and blog.

You’ll  get organic reach to prospect clients.

6- Publish new updates on your website- here you can talk about something which is going to be released soon any thing so, the prospect will regularly visit your website for updates.

7- Create your Branding – strategize your branding so the prospect would  remember your name because of your quality work, create  the same branding name Facebook page along with that Instagram account and regularly posed valuable pictures of the styles and you will see amazing results. Through this you are able to connect with more different brands and you can approach to work with them.

8- Start Running ads in Target countries.  Now you are ready with all the tools to start running ads on Facebook to feed pixels or to understand exactly what the audience you are looking for once it has enough data then  it will start matching the specific audience which you are looking for and it starts working as per your desired results.

9- Create a Custom Audience-Once your pixel has enough data you can create a custom audience. It means that now you are gonna target only those people who are actually your potential customers. I mean your buyers, so you have to ensure that all the pages of your website are well optimized with call to action.. It could be anything.

10- Create your custom conversion -you can create a specific conversion optimization of your pages so anybody who is landing on your website page if they would do action . Once you have your clients details you can reach them very easily in an effective manner.

11- Offer best collections via Targeting prospective buyers- Buying & selling is an ongoing process and their planning will be done before the year comes. I mean a year ahead.

Suppose somebody is planning and you are visible on their feed .The first preference will be yours because you have reached yourself to them for work.


Hence, we have explained how you can scale your export business. If you can perform these above strategies for a longer run. Your result will completely come in your favor and you will never run out of orders. 

Through this constant approach you will always be ahead of your competitors. This will lead you as a leader in this category . 

I have seen only a few renowned companies who have implemented these strategies because of that they are always ahead of their competitors . Due to this their strength and capacity also got increase.

They can contact me here.